Our History

Over the years, Melody Ice Cream company has expanded our services. We are no longer just your neighborhood ice cream delivery truck. We now offer a large variety of services including private events, catering, promotional trucks, and even a soft serve ice cream truck! Our ice cream truck drivers are professional and presentable and will make a great impression on you and your guests. Having an old-fashioned ice cream truck at your event is fun and unique for young and old alike. Children and sometimes adults jump for joy while their parents revisit those nostalgic days when they came running to the ice cream man. We take pride in the distribution of our ice cream novelties. Our number of clients continues to grow each year. We are fully committed to serving our customers and their families. It would be a pleasure to be part of your event. Let our Chicago ice cream trucks make your next event a sure fire hit!

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Serving Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs Since 1979